Particular Granola Recipe

Particular Granola Recipe

This Healthy Granola Bar Recipe recipe is kind of simple to prepare and is a finger licking recipe. When I announced my intent to begin cooking low carbohydrate recipes. My associates moped for months until I became more comfortable with low-carb cooking. Whereas this pared-down version does not comprise the 6 cups of rolled oats or the complete cup of honey, it is extremely tasty and comparatively low carbohydrates in it.

Preparation methodology for this recipe:

Preheat oven to 180'C/Fuel or Mark 4. In very massive bowl, mix all dry ingredients. Add Splenda to melted buffer and stir to combine. Pour buffer mixture over dry ingredients and blend well.

Place combination into giant, shallow baking pans and bake approximately forty five minutes, stirring each quarter-hour or till lightly toasted. Don't allow to over bake.

Cool utterly at room temperature before storing in an air-tight storage container

The calorie depend for this recipe is estimated to be about: Each with: 631 calories; fifty six gm fats; 15 gm protein; 27 gm carbohydrate; 12 gm dietary fibre; 15 gm usable carbohydrates.

It serves about: 13 servings of 1 cup

Ingredients used for this recipe:

one hundred gm All-Bran Cereal, 2.0 gm grated unsweetened coconut, 2.0 gm rolled oats, 125 gm pecan pieces, 225 gm uncooked pumpkin seeds (shelled), 225 gm uncooked sunflower seeds (shelled), 95g sliced almonds, 60g sesame seeds, 125g ground flax seeds, three tbsps (25 gm) ground cinnamon, 60 gm vanilla whey protein powder,1 tsp salt, 2.0 gm buffer, melted, 35 gm Splenda.

Enjoy the recipe!

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